Baby Brite/Sphere of Light/Lady Brite:Wisp was given a quest by a woman dubbed by some as "Lady Brite." She told Wisp to look for the "Sphere of Light." Baby Brite was simply referred to as "the baby" through the first Rainbow Brite episodes. While trying to cross the River of No Return, the bridge collapsed and they were all seperated. Wisp had almost lost all hope when she was washed onto a shore and found Baby Brite sleeping quietly. Starlite and Twink were found and Rainbow refused to leave the baby behind and brought her along for the journey. It was because of Baby Brite that Wisp found the color belt. She was kidnapped by Murky and Lurky and held hostage by them for the color belt. When Wisp went to rescue her, she head the baby crying and knew that the Sphere of light was there too. The Evil One had the baby in his hands when suddenly she transformed into the Sphere of Light who was also Lady Brite. Rainbow defeated the Evil One and Lady Brite gave her Rainbow land and made her in charge of keeping the world bright, beautiful and full of color.

Boy: Boy is the only known name of Brian's frisky pet dog on Earth.

Puppy Brite: Rainbow Brite's four legged dog friend. Puppy Brite is a fun loving dog that resides in Rainbowland and enjoys giving Kitty Brite a hard time.

Kitty Brite: Another four legged friend of Rainbowland. She is a fun loving little cat that generally enjoys cat naps and bothering puppy brite.

Brian: A young boy from Earth. He met Rainbow quite by accident when he walked right into the Rainbow she sent to him to make him happy.He

Plock: A traveling peddlar tricked Twink and the other Sprites into thinking that they could grow color crystals so that they would give him their color cave. When they did he sealed it off and made it into a tourist attraction but when Murky and Lurky came and tried to get inside the cave and take the color away, Plock learned his lesson and gave the cave back to them, leaving to peddle his wares elsewhere.

Wajah: Wajah is a happy little creature from a far off world that feeds on color. He has little buttons on his hat that allows him to change his languages. He crash landed on Rainbowland and they had to help him fix his ship before he sucked all the colors out of Rainbowland. Murky tried to keep Wajah on Rainbowland to suck all the color away. But was foiled when Violet fixed Wajah's ship and they rescued him from Murky's clutches so he could return home.

Mrs. Dismal: Murky's Mother comes to visit her son. Obviously a loving mother, but totally has no idea of what her son is like anymore. He tricks her into thinking that Rainbowland is his domain. She traumetized him at a young age when she yelled at him for coloring all over the walls. She is a sweet lady who only wants what's best for her son.

Dark Princess: A spoiled brat from the far reaches of the universe. Not much is known about her to us, but it seemes as if everyone knows about all about her on Spectra. She wanted Spectra for her own and had a net put around it so she could pull it back to her home with her spaceship. She had magical powers from a diamond she kept in her castle. She had a little green emerald that she kept as a pet until she threw it into the fire for fuel. She was sent off into the universe and later found her way to Rainbowland. Looking for more diamonds to renew her powers. She tricked the sprites into thinking she was the Queen of the Sprites and they mined diamonds for her for fear of Count Blogg turning them into frogs. She was once again defeated and sent banished back to the universe once more.

Sorrell: An evil sorcerer who crash landed on Rainbowland. In exchange for Murky's help in fixing his spaceship he agreed to help Murky defeat Rainbow Brite.

Count Blogg: The Princess's advisor. He aims to please her and will do whatever it takes to keep that spoiled brat happy. He really doesn't have any magical powers but makes it seem like he does in the episode when he and the princess find their way to Rainbowland.

Sgt. Zombo: The Princess's flunky who guards her entire planet of prisoners. He tried to take Starlite for his on one time and renamed him Crusader.

The Evil One: The Ruler of Rainbow Land before Wisp came along.

Two Headed Creature: A disagreeable creature that was holding Canary captive in the tangle forest.