From left to right: Orin, Krys, Bombo, On-X, Popo

Well now that you have arrived on Spectra you probably would like to know a little more about it and those who live there. Spectra, the Diamond Planet, is like a giant prism that all the light in the universe has to pass through. The Dark Princess tried to take Spectra, "The greatest diamond in all the universe," for her own but was stopped by Rainbow and a newcomer Krys.

Krys: Krys is a young boy from Spectra. His house got a boat, containing Starlite and Rainbow, dropped on it by On-X by accident while they were trying to escape the Glitterbots. Krys had managed to keep himself from being hypnotized by them, the Glitterbots that is, and joined up with Rainbow under some protest in order to stop the Princess from taking Spectra.

Orin: A wise old sprite from Spectra that the sprites from Rainbowland "tell stories about at bedtime." On-X was his horse until the end when he gave him to Krys. He was the one that gave Krys his prism weapon which helped Rainbow defeat the Princesses power at the end.

On-X: "Old On-X. Trusty steed of noble iron." Although unable to think like Starlite, On-X got Rainbow and the others out of many tight spots. He was the one who delivered the message of Spectra's peril to Rainbow.

Bombo & Popo: Two of Spectra's more colorful inhabitants so to speak. They spend their days keeping Spectra bright and shiny. Popo eluded capture and Bombo did for the most part. As Popo says, "Nobody every notices me."