Welcome to the color cave! This is the place dedicated to those hardworking sprites of Rainbow land. Their names are sorted by the kids they follow.

Longing for the past? Visit a place filled with magic...Rainbowland!
Rainbow Brite: Twink

Red Butler: Romeo, Juliet, Rose, Clifford

Lala Orange: OJ, Sassy, Tangelo, Tidy

Canary Yellow: Spark, Sunshine, Lemon, Merrily

Patty O' Green: Lucky, Clover, Lime, Flutter

Buddy Blue: Champ, Spritzie, Blueberry, Icicle

Indigo: Hammy, Encore, Crescendo, Diva, Posie

Shy Violet: IQ, Prodigy, Lavender, Amethyst

Tickled Pink: Glee, Dee Light, Rose

Moonglo: Night Sprite

**Sprite names taken from Cassie Brite's Rainbow Land

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